Sometimes, we think we HAVE to do things a certain way in order to feel “in control” of our destiny. This rigide state of mind usually leads to an inability to see what is already here. What the mind wants isn’t automatically what it needs. This way of thinking & the pressure it generates, is often a burden we have created on our own. 

And to make it even worse, it’s like nobody is able to understand us. There is a misunderstanding of our emotional state & why we feel “this way”. 

One thought leads to a feeling, creating a sensation in our body & "forcing" us to act. 

Pause. Take a deep breath. Are you seriously misunderstood or are you still learning how to communicate your thoughts in a possible way for other to comprehend? Think about the time it took you to get here, to be able to listen & understand your own emotions. How could you expect other to get YOU so fast? 

Do not forget, you are in constant transformation. Stop resisting. Be patient. And the next time you want to do something ask yourself: where does it come from? 

Pause. Take a deep breath. Realign.




ARIES: If you are surrounded by friends or people who understand you, you are luckier than you think. Show appreciation. If not, do not isolate yourself, reach out to someone for support or just to enjoy each other company.

TAURUS: You say you want something but do the complete opposite. It’s time to evaluate your long term goals and what you really want to manifest inside your life. If no one is understanding you, maybe it’s time to learn how to communicate what you really want from life and create a plan to get it. Nobody is gonna do it for you.

GEMINI: Your beliefs could be at odd with everyone else & making you feel like the black sheep. Maybe you do not have the right words to clarify your thoughts. Patience, you are in transition & it will take a moment for other to get the idea of what you are trying to explain.

CANCER: Your transformation is not something that can be seen. It’s deeper than that. You are finally connecting to the lowest part of yourself. The darkest root of your own magick. You probably feel more sexual than ever. No one has the right to judge. You are in charge of your body, how you want to treat it & how you want to be treated.

LEO: There has been a lot of miscommunication between you & your relationships lately. It is not easy to find the right word to explain a situation when everyone is in their own feelings. Try to get outside your own self & be compassionate.

VIRGO: You probably decided to make some changes when it comes to your health & your daily habits. You have a lot of informations to process, it's not easy & probably not always very fun. Don't be so harsh on yourself. Go at your own rhythm. 

LIBRA: Stop being so rigid and controlling all the time. It's time to have fun! Let your inner child out, let it run out freely without any restrictions. Get in touch with the playful side of your personality. The rest of your life will wait. 

SCORPIO: This is the perfect space to put an end to a family problem. They probably love you but it is not easy to understand each other all the time. You should try to balance your work & home life. 

SAGITTARIUS: Communication, communication, communication. You have to control what is getting out of your mouth. Words have consequences. Yes, it is important to express your feelings but you must learn how to do it. People want you to understand something which is at the opposite of your personal values or what you want to do right now. Listen.

CAPRICORN: You could be confronted with your feelings about yourself and evaluate your own worth. You need to feel secure, valued & safe. The sense of stability is really important to you & you might have a hard time to describe it. You may think that you have less than you deserve, take this time to really define what you own & who you are...or not. 

AQUARIUS: This Full Moon forces you to evaluate your self, your ego & anything you consider being a direct threat to your identity. You may feel like other are failing to see the real you, but your emotions are so intense right know that it could influence your perception of the situation. Take a deep breath.

PISCES: Do not suppress your emotions. Your subconscious is forcing you to deal with some unresolved problem. Get in touch with your internal issues and if you can’t, understand there is no shame in seeking help. It’s time to normalize therapy. No shame.

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