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What is a cosmic box? 

In astrology, each planet is associated with a certain type of energy. During the year, we go through all those energies as the planets are known to be "ruling" over the zodiac signs. Each box is design and think to attract and channel the energy attached to the planet in question. 

What kind of product would I receive? 

A anointing /beauty oil: the oil is made with jojoba oil as a base and has macerated for a few weeks with plants. There are no essentials oils in it. 

A bakhoor: this is a mix of plants & resins specially made to be burned on a charcoal in a heat resistant container. 

Everything is homemade and available in limited edition.

When can I use those product?

Whenever you want to. However in order to really channel the energy of the planet the best way possible, I would recommend to use it mostly on the associated day of the weekUsing it during a New/Full Moon in a zodiac sign ruled by the planet will make your ritual or/and manifestation even more powerful.

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