We've all been trying for a while to find a balance between what we want and what our loved ones expect from us. Unfortunately, it's the time to get used to the idea that no matter what you do or don’t, it will never be enough. Why? Simply because your desires, your actions and your needs are not aligned with theirs.

Yet there is something to be happy about, when you look inside you can see all the excitement, joy and satisfaction from the changes that have been going on in recent times. So of course, there is still a long way to go, but deep down you are satisfied and you are on the way to achieve everything you want. Why let negative comments and limitations get you down? It is true that the current climate in which we live is not the most joyful, but if you wait for the rest of the world to vibrate at your frequency to lift you up, you have not finished waiting.

You have the right to be afraid, that's normal. You have the right to hesitate, that's okay too. What is not, however, is letting restrictions, anger, impatience, and frustration rule your every move & mood.

Focus on what feeds your soul and not what makes it doubt.





ARIES: When do you let your subconscious take the lead? Do not suppress your emotions, feel them. Take a moment to reflect on yourself & your decisions. Family, finances & work should be reflected on. It’s time to heal and to take responsibility for the consequences of your actions.

TAURUS: What position do you want to have in this world? How and where are you trying to fit in when it comes to your thoughts and your spirituality? Don’t compromise on who you are just to try to be a part of a community you don't even belong in. Create your own tribe and enjoy its surrounding energy. Allow yourself to day dream and do not beat yourself up if those dreams are evolving and changing as you grow.

GEMINI: Don’t be scared to rethink the path you’re on. You are going through a transformation when it comes to your finances & your values. It’s absolutely normal to question what you want to accomplish and to be known for. You have a hard time with authority figures and being told what to do. Get rid of what is past their due date whether it’s people, situations, behaviors or thoughts. 

CANCER: You are spiritually growing and realizing how your belief system affects who you are and how you act. Dive deep & explore but remember to be patient with yourself. Allow yourself to feel but do not drown in your own feelings. Feed the connection between your mind & your spirit. Stay open to new ideas and new ways to process. Observe how your communication & daily actions are influencing your thoughts. Let your imagination wander.

LEO: You have the opportunity to transform your life on a deep level. It might not be something visible but it doesn't make it less impactful. Recognize the difference between what you need and what you want. Your intimacy & your security is related to your ability to feel and be emotionally present. Dive deep and let the piscean flow carry you.

VIRGO: You need to be more compassionate when it comes to your relationships. Your feelings are very intense and it could affect the people you love in a positive or in a negative way. Acknowledgement of how your emotions impact others is the first step to evolution. Pisces is selfless and sensitive, use that power to treat your loved ones the way you wish to be treated. 

LIBRA: Time to take off the “victim hoodie” & break the bad habits who prevent you from being the person you aspire to be. If you aren’t satisfied by your routine whether it’s related to your work or your health, only you have the power to make the necessary changes. Focus on long term actions rather than emotional and instant gratifications. It will take time to implement them so do not be overly emotional because you can’t make those sudden changes. Be patient & compassionate toward yourself.

SCORPIO: You do not want to be alone. You are feeling a LOT and it’s overwhelming. All you want to do is escape the harsh reality and have fun. Do not commit to something big right now as you do not have the spirit and the will to execute. If you are in a relationship, take the time to spend time with your partner and renew the romance. If you aren’t satisfied in your love life, you probably have been for a while and it might be the end of the road.

SAGITTARIUS: Escapism isn’t the solution when it comes to family problems. Your focus is on your goals and you don’t really see the point of having any kind of personal life when your professional life is a mess. Your emotions are linked to your aspirations, what you want to achieve & how to get there. Think before you act or you’ll have to face the karma of your behavior.

CAPRICORN: There is change in your close environment and it feels like nobody is understanding the words that are coming out of your mouth. The feeling is mutual as you also have a hard time understanding others. You are exhausted and feel like you are being pulled in millions of different directions. Focus on what needs to be dealt with now & postponed everything else.

AQUARIUS: Watch your spendings. You could be confronted with your feelings about yourself and evaluate your own worth. When do you let your emotions influence your self-worth and your finances? You have the desire to prove others how accomplished you are. Align your thoughts & actions with what you need to feel secure, stable & safe

PISCES: Rethink your priorities. All you want is to focus on yourself and your own needs. You are so done with the Piscean stereotype of the selfless person who  makes sacrifices in order to make other people happy. You want to be taken care of and may appear kind of needy. Everything you are feeling right now is intensified by the power of the Moon. In a good or a bad way. Full Moon is about endings so it might be the perfect time to come to a conclusion but be sure your perspective isn’t influenced by your emotional state.

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