This New Moon in Leo is an opportunity to make a fresh start. However, this does not mean that circumstances have changed. The responsibilities of life are not going to vanish overnight. Of course, they evolve and grow with us, but they are still very present and heavy.

Learn to express yourself despite the restrictions. You have to find a compromise. Yes, life expects you to have a plan and to keep moving forward no matter what challenges you have to overcome, but this obsession with prosperity pushes you to be self-centered. Sometimes a little bit too much.

You are not alone, you have people around you. So take the time to have fun, laugh, create and build. Success is not just about money, recognition. Accomplishment is also learning to savor the present moment.




ARIES: Responsibilities at work are challenging your will to have fun. Time to get in touch with your inner child. Try something new. Create, dance & do not forget to love! Romance is in the air.

TAURUS: Nothing feels better than home now. Spiritual growth is important but you also need to learn how to take a break. Take care of your mental health. Emotions are as deep as your need for intimacy. Spend time with family.

GEMINI: Your mind is on your communication & your thoughts. You're going under a transformation and you want the world to know about it. You want to be the center of all the conversations. Be careful. Being social is one thing but do not make it all about you. 

CANCER: Your finances are going through a phase & your emotional security is tied to your financial security. You are surrounded by incredible womens & should be able to have fun while also working on your personal goals & what you want to achieve in this life. Create a new way to make money while staying true to your core values.

LEO: You have a lot of energy right now. Use it to do something good for you. Take care of your body. But first of all, know who you are & make your outer self be a reflection of your inner self.

VIRGO: You’re on the “healing road”. From your thinking pattern to your health habits, you should take this time to work on yourself. Spend some time alone. You can still have fun while having “me time”. Be careful, you could say more than you want to. 

LIBRA: Be social. Spend time with friends. Take this New Moon as an opportunity to network and build your own community. You’re probably feeling more emotional than usual but let it all out. Your hopes & dreams are going under revue. Don’t be scared to make some changes. When you focus on purpose, life is definitely more fun. Get your mind away from home & relationships “duties”.

SCORPIO: Your main focus is on work and how to balance your work life, your habit & your daily duties. You have a lot on your plate right now. Sometimes the energy is intense, making you feel stressed and drained. Try to put some of this  energy on your long-term goals & your aspirations. Make a realistic plan.

SAGITTARIUS: Life isn't really exciting for you right now and all you want to do is to go out on an adventure. With the circumstances we are living in, it's hard for you to make a plan. Do not forget about your spirit. Use your imagination, expand your mind. Try something new to feed your spirituality.

CAPRICORN: You are feeling empowered. You should take a look at your internal motivations & your need for intimacy. The focus is on you & how to find ways to transform your life and yourself from the inside. You do not want to rely on external sources and you're probably kinda secretive.

AQUARIUS: Let's redefine your relationships & partnerships. You probably need someone to lean on & share your happiness with. You want to feel supported and YOU ARE. Maybe not the way you want it but don’t be afraid to ask people around you to be there for you the way you want them to. It’s also a good time to look at yourself. You can’t expect from others what you’re not giving either.

PISCES: Stop being so critical all the time. Life could be better, yes. But you are the one in charge, you are the one with the power to make the changes. Use the fire of Leo to clarify how you want to live especially when it comes to your habits & your health. Focus on the details, organize, planify & be efficient. 

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