Each month, following the Moon’s phases, you can book an Astro-Tarot consultation with me. Its a 3 cards spread, based on your Rising Sign (Ascendant). I look at which area of your life is influenced by the Full Moon or the New Moon & deliver a clear message to you about the situation you are in & how to cope with it. You will receive an email with a PDF attached to it.
Places are LIMITED.
Disponible aussi en français.
THE NEW MOON is a phase who promotes new beginning & new commitments whether it is to yourself, a situation or relationships.This phase is the perfect time to implement changes, looking at things from a new perspective & planting the seeds of ideas who will be harvested later.


THE FULL MOON is one of the most powerful phase. This is a moment of celebration and fulfillment. The Moon is giving you the opportunity to get your act together before engaging in something new.