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Poster - Frame not included

50x70cm with white borders

40x50cm with white borders

21x30cm no white borders


Cancers are emotional & empathic. They often rely on intuition and instinct to grow and evolve in life. When you betray one or try to mess with their loved ones, you'll KNOW IT. They are the maternal sign of the zodiac and could get very protective when it comes to something or someone they cherish. Don't even try to bullshit them. 

They need to feel secured and usually love the nesting comfort of their home. Family is very important to them and it doesn't mean it has to be blood related. 

Do not confuse their vulnerability for being over-emotional, even if sometimes their moodiness seems to take the best of them. When triggered, they often use sarcasm as a way to express themselves. It's a defense mechanism. It's hard for them to get out of their shell, so be kind and receptive. They just want you to care for them like they do for you when you need them to.