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Poster - Frame not included

50x70cm with white borders

40x50cm with white borders

21x30cm no white borders


Libra are pacifists who seek justice, equality & balance in everything they undertake. All they want is for the world to live in peace & harmony. They are smart, quick-witted and inspired. In a room full of people, they are usually the chattiest one. 

Libras are ruled by the planet Venus, making beauty & art essential to their life. It explains probably why their style is always on point too. 

A Libra is the one you go to when you need impartiality, compassion & kindness in order to solve a conflict. Relationships & partnerships are very important to them. But sometimes, their indecisiveness and inability to take side is prejudicial and can be the cause of troubles. They need to understand that they can't be fair or please everyone, because the concept of truth is subjective. In the end, the only one they need to stay true to is....THEMSELVES.